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IForce Maximize Intense Pre Workout Ignition System 338g

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This product is run out…approaching its best before. We are assured this will not effect its performance and it will last for many months yet!

Any elite athlete will tell you that there is only one difference between how they train, and how you train… INTENSITY! Maximize Intense was designed to level the playing field by support pump and helping you train more intensely than ever before!*

Available in Fruit Punch Slam

Ultra Concentrated – 1 scoop = Max Dosage!
Skin Bursting Pumps!*
100% Crash Free!
Tastes like Candy!

What makes a workout INTENSE?

Energy: More energy means more power! By supporting your energy levels you can push through your workout faster, lift heavier weights, and push yourself to work past your normal point of fatigue.*

Pump: A bigger pump promotes more growth!* By forcing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients into your muscle cells you can support results faster than before.*

Muscle Fiber Recruitment: More muscle fiber recruitment means more work done in the same amount of time! By forcing more muscle fibers into contraction, we can fool our body into producing quicker results.*

How Does Maximize Intense work?

Pumped Power Matrix: Quite literally one of the most advanced Nitric Oxide producing blends around, the Pump Power Matrix will have you pumped in only minutes! Consisting of Agmatine Sulfate, L-Norvaline, and Creatinol-O-Phosphate, the Pumped Power Matrix will take your pumps, training, and results to an entirely new level!*

Muscle Integrity Matrix: Using the most tested form of Creatine, the Muscle Integrity Matrix is capable of saturating your muscle cells with clinically suggested performance support.* This promotes more strength, less catabolism, and more results!*

Immediate Release Intensity Matrix: By far the most loved stimulant blend on the market, the Immediate Release Intensity Matrix will take you from “zero to sixty”! Featuring multiple novel stimulants, this matrix will give you an incredible ride “up” as well as reducing the chance of crash on the way back down!* Never settle for another “crash” again!

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level and up your intensity, there is only one choice… MAXIMIZE INTENSE!

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